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Coaster Credits

My coaster credits in order of the first coaster I'd ever ridden to the most recent

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
My mother forced me to go on the Scorpion when I was about 7 years old, and I was terrified of it. I screamed bloody murder and sobbed my eyes out. Revisited this ride when I was 29 and honestly, still not a fan. It's rickety and gave me the worst damn headache. I know it's a classic and a piece of history and I sorely missed it during its hay day, but oh well.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Magic Kingdom Park • Rollercoaster
Went on this with my grandfather (RIP, i love you) when I was a child and it was so, so much fun. I still think of it incredibly fondly and I will be sad if it ever goes away.
Space Mountain (Omega)
Magic Kingdom Park • Rollercoaster
Went on this with my mother when I was a child, and funnily enough my fear of literally dying was tempered by the fact that I felt like I had to vomit. As soon as the nausea kicked in, I wasn't scared of dying. I was scared of blowing chunks on the ride LOL. I want to revisit this one as an adult.
Cheetah Chase
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Before the Cheetah Chase got rebranded into SandSerpent, I rode it with my mom as a teen and it was a pleasant horror. The wild mouse feel had me feeling like I was going to fall out and I clung to my mom the whole time. It was, at the time, one of the only rides I could do then and riding the SandSerpent again as an adult just reminded me of that time.
Revenge of the Mummy
Universal Studios Florida • Rollercoaster
First coaster I went on in my teen years. Still my favorite from Universal Studios. There's nothing else to say. I went on it again for my birthday because I was lucky enough to catch it during technical rehearsal and it's still so good.
Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure™
Universal's Islands of Adventure • Rollercoaster
First coaster I went on as an adult. It awakened me to roller coasters again and is the reason I decided to become a coasterhead.
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts
Universal Studios Florida • Rollercoaster
Because of my glasses, I really don't care for this ride that much but I rode it for my sister and I'm glad that she had fun. It's honestly pretty fun, just wish I could see.
Cobra's Curse
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
My first time riding this was during Howl O Scream and it became an instant favorite. This is the coaster that made me feel comfortable putting my arms up.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Going from never having properly been on a coaster with any inversions (I don't count my trip on Space Mountain as a child bc I couldn't tell what was going on at all) to going on Montu feels like a huge step, but it definitely catapulted me into the world of big proper coasters. I had my eyes clenched shut the whole time. When I went on it a few months later with my eyes open, I realized that my fear had evaporated and I loved going fast and doing those fantastic rolls. It's still so smooth after all of this time.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
I really only rode this because I had ridden the original Cheetah Chase when it was still around as a teen, but I still have fun with this thing. Wild mouse coasters are so fun to me.
Cheetah Hunt
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
I missed out on riding this at Busch Gardens during Howl O Scream since it was down the day that I went, but finally getting to ride it was a bit underwhelming. It was really fun, don't get me wrong, but I struggle to find anything memorable about it apart from the view from up high and that surprising roll I forgot about.
Iron Gwazi
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Easily became my favorite coaster at Busch Gardens, possibly ever. I was the most afraid of this one, thinking it was going to turn me inside out. It is, in fact, going to me my go-to every time I come back here. It's simply fantastically built.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Really don't care for Tigris but like, it was fun. I'll ride it again if anyone in my party or group wants someone to go with them. I wouldn't choose to ride it out of my own volition, however.
Carowinds • Rollercoaster
First coaster I rode at Carowinds. I like it better than Sand Serpent definitely. It's pretty fun.
Copperhead Strike
Carowinds • Rollercoaster
Easily my favorite coaster other than Fury 325 at this park. I'd ride it more if the queue line wasn't so long. Even on a dead day, it took forever to circle back around. The hang-time is fantastic.
Fury 325
Carowinds • Rollercoaster
Definitely see why people rank it so highly. It is an absolute monster and scared the hell out of me. After getting 10 rides on it between two days, I came away thinking it definitely is one of the best coasters I've ever ridden. I need to ride Iron Gwazi again to see how I feel about them both.
Carowinds • Rollercoaster
Honestly, it's just Montu but shorter. I feel like if I ever come back to this park, I probably won't ride it simply bc I like the variety the other coasters offer. Afterburn just feels like a lesser version of something else I like more.
Carowinds • Rollercoaster
Not as bad as people say it is, but the operations on this ride are atrocious. Being laid back for that long trying to get off the ride gave me a headache more than the ride itself did. Never riding this again.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Really one note, but at least I can say I've done it.
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay • Rollercoaster
Gave me such awful headaches and made me dizzy. I knew I wouldn't like it but I needed the credit.
SeaWorld Orlando • Rollercoaster
Road this first thing at Seaworld. On god the lift hill with absolutely nothing but air beneath me is what scared me more than anything else. Was fucking awesome though.
SeaWorld Orlando • Rollercoaster
A bit of a headbanger but not as bad as some others. Genuinely so whippy in a fun way. Gave me a slight headache but I loved it.
SeaWorld Orlando • Rollercoaster
It's a B&M hyper so of course it's great. It's like a mini Fury. Very fun. Had to ride it in the back and it is fantastic.
The Incredible Hulk Coaster®
Universal's Islands of Adventure • Rollercoaster
Fucking terrible. I can't believe I waited like 60 minutes for that waste of space. Tear it down. Headbanger and jerky as hell.
Flight of the Hippogriff™
Universal's Islands of Adventure • Rollercoaster
Fun kiddie coastser!
Jurassic World VelociCoaster
Universal's Islands of Adventure • Rollercoaster
The best coaster in Florida, I'm pretty sure. Got a night ride in the back row and it changed my life.