About ridecount

ridecount is a free web-based tool that allows you to keep track of all your visits to theme parks, and remember every ride you've been on. We will provide you with a free profile to keep track of all your ride and trips.

You can also see statistics about your top rides, parks and attractions, and explore our 'browse' section to see everyones top rides and parks too!

ridecount can track all sorts of rides and attractions - not just rollercoasters. You can track dark rides, water rides, flat rides, shows, in fact just about everything you'll in a theme park.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and get counting!

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Team ridecount

This all wouldn't be possible without these people, so huge thanks to:


Joel looks after all of the server type stuff that powers the site behind the scenes and contributes (dubious quality...) code to the site too.


Ian looks after the ridecount look and feel through the design of the site, and is often seen frequenting many parks himself too.

Joe P.

Joe has contributed hugely to ridecount through its code, and has given invaluable support, motivation and late night debugging throughout the re-development of ridecount to steer the project to completion!


Burbs works hard behind the scenes to keep our ridecount database up to date for both our parks and attractions and also review suggestions submitted by users.

...and thank you to all of our site members who contribute parks, attractions and suggestions too!