ridecount Changelog

We keep this page updated with what has been changed or added in ridecount, so you can keep up to date with all of the latest changes!


23rd February 2021

  • We've tweaked the styling across all pages to ensure better structure of the content
  • We've tweaked the styling on the Explore > Trips page
  • We've fixed a bug where trips without dates incorrectly showed ".. on " in their page titles


21st February 2021

  • We've added a new user search in Explore > Users
  • We've tweaked the URLs of the Explore section to accommodate upcoming changes


11th February 2021

  • We've clarified the ability to track trips without a date on the trip form
  • We've added some validation to trip dates to stop people getting confused and entering nonsense dates
  • Minor bug fixes to styling across various pages


9th February 2021

  • Lots of minor tweaks and fixes from our initial launch
  • We've setup redirects for our old URL structures in case people had them bookmarked


7th February 2021

  • All new ridecount release!
  • New: user avatars on your profile
  • New: user home country location on your profile
  • New: attraction tracking tool that doesn't need saving
  • New: suggest a problem/change to an attraction
  • New: logging in with your email address for security
  • Updated: general styling tweaks across the whole site design
  • Removed: overall leaderboard - we'll be introducing new stats and features soon however!