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MattyH's trip

Pleasurewood Hills Leisure Park


on Wednesday 2nd September 2015

27 total rides

Rollercoaster attractions

2 x Enigma
1 x Marble Madness
1 x Snake in the Grass
2 x Wipeout

Water attractions

1 x Tales of the Coast
1 x Timber Falls

Other attractions

2 x Dodgy Dodgems
1 x Double Deck Carousel
5 x Fireball
1 x Hobs Pit
2 x Jolly Roger
1 x Kite Flyer
1 x Miniature Railway
1 x Pleasurewood Pony Rail
2 x Shiver 'M Timbers
1 x Sky Hooks
1 x Veteran Cars

Transport attractions

1 x Pleasurewood Express