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ridecount Beta

2016: Coming out of beta

We've been in beta for some time with our new platform, and it has allowed us to gather lots of feedback on how you use the site and what you find useful about the ridecount beta.

Behind the scenes we've been further developing our platform to make it stable and expandable so we can continue to bring you new features as quickly as possible, and to ensure that we continue to offer you the best and easiest ways to track your trips and rides.

We'll be looking to launch our new and improved stable ridecount in 2016, and bring back features you've loved such as better reporting and adding missing parks, as well as a wealth of new features such as simple tracking mode (to tick off rides you've done rather than count) and much much more!

When we're ready to launch the new ridecount, we'll be in touch with you to let you know all the details, so keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!

Why is ridecount in beta?

We've been working on a new ridecount system for some time, and the old system was approaching limits that may have caused operational issues.

So we took the opportunity to launch our new platform as a 'beta', which means it's not quite done yet, but all of the basic features are working.

Why is the _________ feature missing?

Some features from the old ridecount have been culled due to poor usage, such as the trip reports, trip planning, and the browse statistics for each park.

Some features we're still developing, such as the missing park tool (adding new/missing parks to ridecount), and the numerous reports for statistical analysis of your ridecount data.

How do I give you feedback on the beta?

Click the (?) icon in the bottom right corner of your browser, and we'd love to hear what you think.

Why do you no longer use TowersStreet accounts to sign in?

We decided to detach the site from TowersStreet and stop users from being forced to sign up to TowersStreet in order to use ridecount, because some people didn't want to be part of TowersStreet just to use ridecount, and that's fair enough.

Can I switch back to the old ridecount?

Unfortunately not, to prevent data duplication and storage issues, we've had to discontinue the old site upon launch of the new site.

How long will the site remain in beta?

It's expected that the site will remain in beta whilst we develop the remaining core features and fix any issues that may arise in the testing. So there is no set time limit at this time, hopefully soon though!

Our stable ridecount is expected to launch in 2016... see above for more information